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On my soapbox

So Andy Puzder (CEO of CKE Restaurants, Inc.) wrote a delusional editorial about President Obama’s recent decision to allow salaried workers who make up to $50,000 a year to receive overtime. You can read excerpts at the source.

On top of the generally condescending and patently false information he dishes out in the only way a person who makes $4.5 million a year can, there was yet another thing he did that irritates the hell out of me. He constantly refers to the President as Mr. Obama.

Now I know that it is probably one of the least objectionable portions of the editorial, but it is something that I find so unbearably rude and passive-aggressive. Admittedly, the Right does it all the time. It seems to be their way of reminding themselves that the President isn’t better than them (he is).

Now, I never particularly liked President George W. Bush. But I never referred to him as Mr. Bush. He was the President, and that title deserves respect. (Whether or not he deserved that title is the subject of a completely separate rant.)

I mean, trying calling a doctor Mr. or Mrs. and be prepared for an epic diatribe on how they didn’t go to school for eight years to be called Mr. Well, President Obama hasn’t run the country for (nearly) two terms just be called Mister.

Apparently money can’t buy you class, Mr. Pudzer.